Monday, April 6, 2015


Pictures from October to January

I had extra sugar cookie dough from our class party so I brought it for these cuties to make some cookies.

Some of my co-workers...we were Care Bears

Kyle went to a PT Conclave for students in Wisconsin (I think) I didn't want to be by myself over the long weekend so I headed to visit some family. :)  

We went to do a session at the temple.

First game for UNLV...

Look at this cute kid...Hope our baby is just as handsome. We were going through old pictures at his parent's house. 

Thanksgiving 2014

For our anniversary this last year we went to The Hobbit again...It always comes out on our special day so we of course get to go see it...Three movies Three years of marriage

Another UNLV game...I think this is when they played Arizona and won

Bryce Harper was in the crowd...There were a lot of fans that went down to meet him

Kyle Christmas morning 

We did family pictures the day before Jared went through the temple

Kyle had to try out his sushi kit

I think this was New Years 

January 13th...Jared was set apart to be a missionary. He will serve in New York

I went down for a couple hours for Tazden's First Birthday

A bunch of Kyle's classmates got together for a UNLV game. We got on the screen!!

My birthday

My birthday was pretty low key. I had work all day and then my mom, Abigail and the girls came to take me out to dinner at Cafe Rio. Kyle was pretty busy with school that day but he was awesome and got me my favorite Ice Cream cake at Dairy Queen.
Kyle got tickets to see Wicked! I was so excited and LOVED it. I had wanted to see it forever and was so glad that it came to Vegas so we could go. :)

Phone Pictures...July to October

I was lucky enough to be called as the assistant camp director in our ward. I had such a good time and it brought back so many fun memories as a teenager. It was much better going to camp as a leader. I loved just chilling and not having to be somewhere at all times. 

Kyle and I...We went to his parent's house to be there for his dad's birthday

Hot and Juicy... Kyle really wanted to eat here and luckily his family met us to enjoy the yumminess

This was in August on a Sunday...Kyle and I went and walked around at the park to get out of the house.

I went to set up my classroom and it was already done for me! I just needed to add my little touch to everything

Went to my parent's house to see my cousin get married. It was fun to see some family that I hadn't seen in forever!

Just me and some cute girls!

Pregnancy Pictures

Kyle and I found out we were pregnant Friday, August 1st. We had gone to Sunset Park and had a BBQ with some of Kyle's classmates that night. When we got home Kyle insisted that I take a pregnancy test...and it was positive!!!
This is how we told Kyle's family. We put this picture up next to our wedding picture that his parents have hanging up in their house.

This is the picture we used for my side of the family

Our cute little guy...This was the first ultrasound picture I had...September 2014

This was a picture I sent to Kyle one day...The first 3 months were pretty "fun" for the both of us
With me being sick and trying to work and Kyle in his hardest semester of Grad School those first couple of months were pretty challenging.

19 weeks

When we found out we were having a BOY this is the first onesie we bought

Thanksgiving Day
December 7th

This was Jan. 13th. We went to my parent's house because Jared was being set apart to be a missionary. 
This is when I felt like I was really starting to show and you could definitely tell that I was pregnant.

That next Sunday Jan. 17th

Saturday January 24th

Feb. 14th- Valentine's Day 
33 Weeks

Saturday March 7th was our Baby Shower
Lindsay did such a great job and everything turned out so well. 
I am so grateful to all of those that helped put it together. :)
They had made the cutest decorations! 

These are the piles after going through everything. We were very fortunate to get pretty much everything we needed. 

I was so excited I had to do the first load of laundry right away 

Thanks to Abigail for these next couple of pictures!

36 Weeks

This is a horrible picture because I look like I am in pain but the sun was in my eyes.
Sunday March 29th
38 almost 39 Weeks Pregnant

My Granny made this amazing blanket and sent it in the mail. She hand stitched it all.

I was in a good mood this day, Wednesday 4/1/2015... 39 Weeks pregnant. We had a doctor's appointment the next day. Kyle and I went to go walk around the mall. I was hoping the walking would help move things along but nope... no progress at the doctor and he's still in here (4/6/2015)

Today- Monday April, 6th - My due date!! He has dropped a little but he still looks like a basketball in my belly. I had a doctor's appointment today. I was monitored for 20 mins. I did have some contractions during that time but I don't really feel anything. I do have some back contractions. I feel a fiery pain or a dull ache that wraps around to the front but that's about it. At the doctor today she checked the fluids. Everything looked "excellent" and she said that he looks like he will be a bit bigger than we were expecting. Around 8 lbs!!!
If little man doesn't decide to make an appearance then we are scheduled to go into the hospital to be induced on Thursday.