Monday, April 6, 2015


Pictures from October to January

I had extra sugar cookie dough from our class party so I brought it for these cuties to make some cookies.

Some of my co-workers...we were Care Bears

Kyle went to a PT Conclave for students in Wisconsin (I think) I didn't want to be by myself over the long weekend so I headed to visit some family. :)  

We went to do a session at the temple.

First game for UNLV...

Look at this cute kid...Hope our baby is just as handsome. We were going through old pictures at his parent's house. 

Thanksgiving 2014

For our anniversary this last year we went to The Hobbit again...It always comes out on our special day so we of course get to go see it...Three movies Three years of marriage

Another UNLV game...I think this is when they played Arizona and won

Bryce Harper was in the crowd...There were a lot of fans that went down to meet him

Kyle Christmas morning 

We did family pictures the day before Jared went through the temple

Kyle had to try out his sushi kit

I think this was New Years 

January 13th...Jared was set apart to be a missionary. He will serve in New York

I went down for a couple hours for Tazden's First Birthday

A bunch of Kyle's classmates got together for a UNLV game. We got on the screen!!

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